Best Nightclubs in Malta [2024 April Update] (2024)

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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Malta

1) UNO Malta

Best Nightclubs in Malta [2024 April Update] (1)

UNO Malta, the largest open air club and home of Malta‘s Nightlife in Attard, Malta. The venue was totally refurbished and reopened in 2002 and has proved a huge success with locals and tourists alike. It’s situated over extensive grounds right in the middle of Ta Qali’s crafts village. It is set within blue seas with an open air view.

2) Sky Club Malta

Best Nightclubs in Malta [2024 April Update] (2)

Sky club is a large indoor Malta nightclub situated in the lively party mecca of Malta, Paceville, which has one of the best partying views on the island. Sky Club is popular with mega events and concerts throughout the year. It’s a nightclub that exceeds expectations through its unique style, hi _tech sound and blight systems.

3) Havana Club Malta

Best Nightclubs in Malta [2024 April Update] (3)

Club Havana in Malta is the leading club in playing soul, hip-hop and R&B music. It is located in the centre of Paceville’s main street surrounded by other bars, clubs and lounges. Club Havana is popularly known for its nightlife with both locals residents and tourists as well as students from foreign countries who visit Malta highland in the course of the year.

4) Liquid Club Malta

Best Nightclubs in Malta [2024 April Update] (4)

Liquid Club is Malta’s most ideal underground venue, mostly for playing techno music. Its headquarters are located in San Gwann. The old building has been operating as a night club since 1971. It was nearly two decades ago when the nightclub was converted to a Liquid club. The club has hosted a list of fine DJs, who come from all different corners of the electronic music sphere. It is Malta’s number one place for techno music.

5) Clique Malta

Best Nightclubs in Malta [2024 April Update] (5)

Clique is a small underground nightclub in Paceville, Malta. It’s the entertainment capital of the city. It is located in the middle of the most busy area in the town. This is the place for party lovers looking for intimacy in parties. It is also a great place for music lovers since it plays a mix of house music, Tech House, Deep House and commercial tunes. The place always gets busier as the night progresses with the place rocking by the early hours of dawn. The Clique nightclub is fully equipped with screens, lasers, projectors and smoke machines and fully stocked bars with great offers on drinks to guarantee a fully enhanced clubbing experience. Most upcoming and talented DJs in Malta make a genuine clubbing experience because they are regulars at Clique.

6) The Nordic Bar Malta

Best Nightclubs in Malta [2024 April Update] (6)

Nordic Bar is located just a few miles from London’s famous Oxford Street and is a Scandi inspired bar. At Nordic Bar,one can enjoy some refreshing co*cktails mixed by our co*cktail experts. Here are some of Scandinavian finest beers and cooling wines, not to mention some exclusive vodkas. There are four big screens that enable you to watch live sports. We also have a host of competitive games to choose from including a beer table, table tennis and four brand new retro arcade tables.

7) Twenty Two Malta

Best Nightclubs in Malta [2024 April Update] (7)

TwentyTwo is Honestly Malta’s most absolute nightclub and lounge bar. It has established itself since it opened its doors as a real exclusive venue with breathtaking views ,scenery, surroundings and its exquisite VIP treatment. Twenty Two is all about luxury and satisfaction; it’s more of a status symbol found nowhere else on the island. A number of international celebrities have visited the place as well. The place is ultra -modern. It’s Great location on the 22nd floor of Malta’s tallest building gives it a spectacular view and great ambiance. Simply, it’s the best view in Malta.

8) Footloose Malta

Best Nightclubs in Malta [2024 April Update] (8)

‘In search of wild Surprising Fun on your night out’ Footloose Fun Bar is the place to be. Footloose bar is a popular club centrally located in Paceville, the Nightlife capital of Malta – St. George’s Road, Paceville, St Julians, playing all the latest hits and attracting large crowds to dance the night away with the latest commercial tracks and benefit from great bar offers. At Footloose Fun Bar everything is about fun and a great atmosphere where people let loose and have a great time! Footloose attracts a young crowd. Footloose has two fully equipped bars serving a variety of spirits, beers, wine and even co*cktails.

9) Shadow Club Malta

Best Nightclubs in Malta [2024 April Update] (9)

Shadow Lounge and Club, is one of the most popular and stylish nightclubs in Malta located in the bustling central region of Malta-San Giljan. Shadow Club is a very popular, exclusive design music and trendy club. The interior is modern with gold-framed paintings and large plasma screen TV’s. A patio and a terrace are available outside for those to wish to have a more relaxed evening. Shadow Lounge and Club has three fully stocked bars with freshly made co*cktails and plenty of spirits, whiskey and champagne. This means you can always take your taste by purchasing directly from the bars or through one of the many awesome and well mannered waiters on hand. The Shadow Club VIP area is full of lavish comfort, in addition to its terrace bar and upper deck overlooking Paceville’s busy square.

10) Gianpula Club Malta

Best Nightclubs in Malta [2024 April Update] (10)

In need of a nightlife village with dining, lounge and clubbing options the Gianpula Club is the place to be. Gianpula Main Room is where it all started in the early nineties. An old Maltese farmhouse now transformed into one of the largest open-air venues in Malta, hosting some of the biggest names in the industry and hottest events on the island! The venue is surrounded by beautiful gardens and has seven bars, a state of the art sound and lighting system, an exclusive VIP area with private bars and VIP sofas available for booking. Gianpula Club has a capacity of 4,000 people; it is the largest outdoor club in the Maltese. The average age of the clientele is 30 years old. This club is mainly frequented by locals and, if you want to taste the Maltese Electro night, this is really the place to go dancing.

11) Aria Complex Malta

Best Nightclubs in Malta [2024 April Update] (11)

Aria complex was established in 2012 and it is located on the outskirts of Malta’s famous nightlife scene, in the quiet surroundings of san Gwann, Aria complex represents everything cosmopolitan, debonair, and glamorous. Just a stone’s throw away from the emerging business areas of Swatar and Birkirkara, as well as the University of Malta. Aria Complex is quickly becoming the entertainment Venus of choice for various corporate, private, franchised, and public events. Known as “the most versatile and original event spot in the heart of Malta” the Aria Complex provides a unique experience set against a soothing backdrop of lush palms and the shimmering Mediterranean sun.

Videos To Watch To Discover

What’s the best part of Malta for nightlife?

Nightlife in Paceville, a district of the town of St Julian’s, is the place to go if you’re looking for loud clubs, non-stop parties and late night dancing. The largest concentration of clubs and bars on the island make it a popular destination for both visitors and young locals.

How do you like clubbing in Malta?

Malta has some of the best nightlife in Europe, and unlike other countries, the nightlife is alive all year round, which is why Maltese people have a reputation for loving to party. The nightlife in Malta can be found in Sliema, St. Julian’s, Paceville and also Bugibba.

Best Nightclubs in Malta [2024 April Update] (2024)
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