Best Nightclubs in St Louis [2024 April Update] (2024)

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The Best Places to go Clubbing in St Louis

1. Europe Night Club St Louis

Best Nightclubs in St Louis [2024 April Update] (1)

Are in search of a fantastic spot in St. Louis on your night out, then Europe Nightclub is the place to be. Don’t miss the vibes every Friday Night at Europe nightclub. The club’s mission is to live, breathe and serve music. Music transcends everything and they believe in providing their customers with the best nightlife experience through their state of Art sound system, intelligent lighting system, and unparalleled customer service.

2. The Pepper Lounge St Louis

Best Nightclubs in St Louis [2024 April Update] (2)

Are you searching for a fantastic night out in St. Louis, then The Pepper Lounge Nightclub is the place to be. The Pepper Lounge is a nightclub in St. Louis was born in the year 2002. The club offers an experience like no other in downtown St. Louis.

3. Ember St Louis

Best Nightclubs in St Louis [2024 April Update] (3)

If you are looking for the best music, fun, tables and VIP spot in the grove then Ember nightclub and bar is the place to be. Ember is a nightclub in St. Louis, Missouri. The entertainment spot is fueled by local and international DJs and performers. It has an extensive champagne and liquor list.

4. Club Viva St Louis

Best Nightclubs in St Louis [2024 April Update] (4)

For those looking to dance to a different beat, the small but always packed Club Viva offers fantastic music five days a week. Club Viva is a nightclub in St. Louis, Missouri. It’s a downstairs club with electric music including a dedicated Latin night with Salsa lessons.

5. Just John Club St Louis

Best Nightclubs in St Louis [2024 April Update] (5)

Just John is a nightclub situated in St. Louis, Missouri. It’s a gay and lesbian nightclub with dance floor, performance stage, and indoor/ outdoor gathering space. Just John Club has fantastic karaoke Tuesday and Thursday.

6. PBR St Louis

Best Nightclubs in St Louis [2024 April Update] (6)

If you want to be part of the premier dining and entertainment, then PBR St Louis is where to be. PBR St Louis offers a unique culture to its employees as well as the customers who visit this amazing place. Managers are exposed to the many aspects of dining and entertainment business. This place is dedicated to great food and hospitality in an entrepreneurial environment, with career paths in restaurant and culinary management, multi-unit operations, nightlife operations, marketing and promotions, live entertainment and events, and corporate positions which makes it a very comfortable environment for the customers to enjoy.

7. Shark Bar St Louis

Best Nightclubs in St Louis [2024 April Update] (7)

This is a nightclub located in Ballpark Village in St. Louis, Missouri. It’s the home of the endless summer and ultimately brings you the endless party with the best of 80s, 90s, and 2000s. What a Retro Surf! Retro Dance! Retro Cool! Party with Shark Bar every Friday and Saturday from 7:00pm to 3:00am.

8. RYSE Nightclub St Louis

Best Nightclubs in St Louis [2024 April Update] (8)

Looking for that place where mist rises, lights flash, a burst of virtual confetti explodes all around you. It’s easy to lose yourself when you’re immersed in the future. And that’s precisely RYSE Nightclub, located at Ameristar St. Charles, well above other St. Louis nightclubs. Featuring the latest technology, plush and modern decor, and a pulse-pounding lineup of the biggest names in EDM, RYSE is more than a luxury nightlife experience: it’s an ascension to your highest state.

9. JJ’s Clubhouse St Louis

Best Nightclubs in St Louis [2024 April Update] (9)

Looking for a place to Enjoy the fresh air, blue sky & sunshine while sipping a cold beverage, then JJ’s clubhouse is the place to enjoy your favorite food and rippin some pull tabs with pals.Tucked away in a dimly lit building under a highway close to the Grove strip, JJ’s Clubhouse has the feel of a hideout or at least an insiders’ secret playland. The city’s resident all-gay male “bear leather” bar offers pool, popcorn and pinball, and the friendly bartenders, adorned in strapping bondage vests, are always happy to pour their specialty shot of “Kactus Juice.” Special weekly events include dart night and butch night, in which patrons come dressed in their best.You could get lucky and stumble into JJ’s during their annual HiBearNation convention, in which the downstairs dance floor is flooded with cheery Bears from all across the nation. If that statement incites fear, JJ’s might not be the place for you. JJ’s is a friendly bar for males with an open mind, and if you’re up for that, it guarantees a gay old time.

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What is the nightlife like in St. Louis?

The nightlife in St. Louis isan eclectic sum of its parts, a collection of vibrant neighborhoods offering their own unique night-time scenes. Most visitors tend to hit a bar on the downtown strip, Washington Avenue, and say they have ‘done’ St. Louis nightlife

What is there to do in St. Louis after 5pm?

Book a dinner cruise, take in sweeping views of the city at night from a rooftop bar, or check out one of the local jazz bars and co*cktail lounges. The city also abounds with amazing museums, including City Museum, which is open until late on Fridays and Saturdays.

Best Nightclubs in St Louis [2024 April Update] (2024)
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