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My best friend and travel buddy, Annie, is a Brittany Spaniel. Since adopting her and networking with other owners of the breed, it is safe to say that I have fallen head over heels in love. Their zest for life, their affectionate and intelligent temperament, their sociability and their love of the great outdoors are all traits that I appreciate.

Annie has travelled across Europe with me and has proven to be an adaptable, fun loving travel companion that I wouldn’t want to be without!

Of all the Spaniels, they are probably one of the least well known and there are LOTS of them in rescue in Europe. The Brittany Dog is a wonderful breed and I want to tell you more about them.

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Annie, my beautiful rescue Brittany Spaniel


Brittany Dog Breed Information

Other Names: Epagneul Breton

Height: 17 – 20 inches

Weight: 30 – 40 pounds

Neck: Medium Length

Size: Medium sized dog

Coat Type: Flat or Wavy

Coat Color: Orange and White, Liver and White, Tri-Colored

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Energy Level: High energy dog, need at least an hour of exercise a day

Brittany Dog Care: Doesn’t need much grooming

Related to the Welsh Springer Spaniel

Recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), Canadian Kennel Club, New Zealand Kennel Club and Brittany Club of Britain

1. A little bit of Brittany Spaniel history

Unsurprisingly, the breed originates from France and they are a working breed that is still, to this day, used for hunting and retrieving. They are believed to date back to the 17th century.

Whilst they are referred to as a Spaniel, it is widely suggested that their breed traits are more similar to a Pointer/Setter. They are point and retrieve dogs rather than flushing dogs, like other Spaniels.

They are also often referred to simply as Brittanys or Bretons. In France, they are still known as “l’épagneul Breton”.

2. The Brittany dog is generally a very loving dog

As we always say, every dog is different and they don’t always comply to what is generally expected of a breed, but we love the gentle and friendly nature of most Bretons.

They adore praise and attention and aim to please. They can be quite sensitive souls and respond well to gentle, positive training.

When I adopted Annie, she had experienced a bad start in life in Spain and was very nervous of people. With some patience, praise and encouragement, she has blossomed into this most affectionate dog who loves nothing more than a cuddle.

She loves the company of her people and is great with other dogs too.

Their gentle personalities mean they usually make a great family dog. As with all dogs, we always recommend making sure that you introduce children and dogs carefully and make sure that any children spending time with your dog interact kindly and gently, giving them space when needed.

Brittany Spaniel Dog Breed Information: 10 Things to Know - Your Dog Advisor (2)

Annie loves to snuggle with her people, even stopping for a cuddle when enjoying some beach fun!

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3. Be prepared to put in a LOT of work on Brittany Spaniel recall

Brittany Spaniels usually have a very high prey drive and they are a very busy breed that is highly motivated by scents. This means that they love to explore and are prone to wandering. When first letting them off lead, we would always recommend doing this in a secure space and working on getting a reliable recall in this space before moving onto more open areas. If you are working on their recall in a highly distracting environment, set them up for success. Start working on their recall on a long line and use very high value treats as rewards.

Annie’s recall, whilst I have worked hard on it, can be a little shaky if there is a squirrel or low flying bird around. When we are in new, unfamiliar environments I will often keep her on lead as a precaution.

Some Brittany dog owners use GPS tracking collars on their dogs as a backup!

Brittany Spaniel Dog Breed Information: 10 Things to Know - Your Dog Advisor (3)

In the early days we worked hard on Annie’s recall in a safe space and using a long line lead

4. The coats of the Brittany Spaniel are, thankfully, not high maintenance

Brittanys don’t have an undercoat so, unlike Cocker Spaniels, they don’t tend to need as much attention in terms of grooming. Annie’s feathers do grow quite quickly and, in the wet weather, I do trim her paws and feathers down slightly just to make it easier to clean her off. Other than an occasional brush and a comb out of her ears, her coat does not need much maintenance.

She does shed a lot more than my Cocker Spaniels, so a good hoover is recommended!

Like many other long eared Spaniels, Brittanys can be prone to ear problems. We always recommend keeping an eye on their ears. If they like the water this is especially true. You want to keep their ears as dry and as clean as possible. As always though, we like to remind owners not to clean out the ear canal with a cotton bud. Pushing a cotton bud down into the ear canal can cause injury and it usually just pushes any dirt further into the ear.

Their coats come in a wide variety of colours. Orange and white and liver and white are the most common colours. Roans and tricolours are also often seen.

Annie is a beautiful orange roan.

5. The Brittany Spaniel is a hardy breed

Known for their robust physical health, these little dog breeds generally keep in good health and, whilst their average lifespan is around 12 – 13, they are often still going strong when they are 14 or 15.

The Brittany dog doesn’t have too many genetic medical issues although they occasionally can be prone to hip dysplasia and epilepsy.

6. Brittany Spaniel Dogs are high energy couch potatoes

Brittanys are known for their boundless energy and stamina levels. Used to working in the field, they LOVE being out exploring on walks. Annie has easily climbed mountains with me and still had energy to spare at the end, whilst I have been ready to collapse. They do need a couple of decent walks a day to keep them stimulated.

They are often very playful too. Make sure you have plenty toys and brain train games around to keep them stimulated and entertained.

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Whilst they are a high energy breed, they are also known for their love of relaxing. As long as they get enough exercise, they are usually quiet and settled when in the home and love nothing better than stretching out on the sofa for a snooze

Brittany Spaniel Dog Breed Information: 10 Things to Know - Your Dog Advisor (4)

Annie loves nothing more than getting comfy on the sofa or bed!

7. Brittanys can have two tail types

Brittany Spaniels are most commonly born with a bob tail (a little stubby tail) but they can also have a full and feathery tail, which is what Annie has.

Some of the dogs with longer tails will have them docked as puppies. Tail docking is no longer legal in the UK though. We agree with this decision as sometimes the docking has been done improperly, causing pain and injuries.

Brittany Spaniel Dog Breed Information: 10 Things to Know - Your Dog Advisor (5)

Annie has a lovely, long and feathery tail

8. The Brittany Spaniel makes great sports activity dogs

Brittanys have a great enthusiasm for life and boundless energy. They are extremely eager to please too and this makes them ideal to take part in dog sports.

Annie LOVES Cani-cross (cross country with your dog on a running harness). When her running harness goes on it is hard to stop her and I am often almost pulled off my feet by her enthusiasm!

Lots of Brittanys take part in agility and flyball too. It is a wonderful way to keep them stimulated and for them to burn off their limitless energy and a great way to strengthen your bond.

9. Brittany Dogs like their grub, so watch their waistlines

Like many Spaniels, Brittanys are generally a foody breed. This is great for working on training as they are highly treat motivated. It does mean, though, that they can become overweight if overfed. Make sure they get plenty of exercise, this is needed anyway for this breed, and measure out their food and watch their body condition to avoid slipping into obesity.

10. Consider adopting a Brittany Spaniel – there are LOTS in rescue

In Europe, there are, sadly, an awful lot of beautiful Brittany Spaniels in shelters. Because they are still used traditionally as a hunting dog, there are lots of hunters that treat them solely as a tool, rather than as the beautiful and loving animal that they are. If they don’t meet the grade in terms of their hunting skills or they get injured, they are often cruelly abandoned.

Some hunting dogs that have worked tirelessly for their owners their whole life are kicked to the kerb when they are too old to work efficiently for them. It is heartbreaking.

Annie came from a Perrera (animal shelter) in Spain after she had been abused and abandoned by her hunter owner. She was extremely nervous of people, especially men, at first. Despite all of this she is the most loving and sweet dog you could ever wish for.

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Annie was rescued by Save Our Spaniels Rescue, a wonderful small UK charity that does great work helping to rescue Brittanys across Europe. Another rescue in the US is American Brittany Rescue.

Whilst we are huge advocates of dog adoption, we do recognise that some people want to buy a puppy. If you plan to do this, we always recommend you do LOTS of research and pick a top notch and responsible breeder where you can see mum and her pups together in a well-adjusted, home environment. We can’t stress the importance of this enough. Irresponsible breeders and puppy farms perpetuate cruel conditions for mothers and their pups, further genetic health problems and poorly socialised, and often, sick puppies.

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Annie enjoying a rest during a Hike up Goat Fell on the Isle of Arran , Scotland. Life is good!

Brittany Spaniel Dog Breed Information: 10 Things to Know - Your Dog Advisor (7)

Jen Jones

Jen Jones is a professional dog trainer and behavior specialist with more than 25 years of experience. As the founder of ‘Your Dog Advisor’ and the ‘Canine Connection’ rehabilitation center, she applies a holistic, empathetic approach, aiming to address root causes rather than merely treating symptoms.

Well known for her intuitive and compassionate approach, Jen adopts scientifically-proven, reward-based methods, encouraging positive reinforcement over punishment. Jen specializes in obedience training, behavior modification, and puppy socialization. Her innovative methods, particularly in addressing anxiety and aggression issues, have been widely recognized. Jen has worked with many of the world’s leading dog behaviorists and in her free time volunteers with local animal shelters and rescue groups.

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What do I need to know about Brittany spaniels? ›

The Brittany is a bright, high-energy dog who is bred to hunt, and he needs lots of exercise. Brittanys are a good fit for those seeking an all-purpose hunting partner, a dog-sport teammate, or a loyal companion suited to a lively, outdoorsy family life.

What are some fun facts about Brittany dogs? ›

8 Things To Know About the High-Energy Brittany
  • The Brittany has a long, storied history. ...
  • They're considered among the most versatile of bird dogs. ...
  • The breed had a name change in 1982. ...
  • Their hunting skills serve Brittanys well in dog sports. ...
  • Brittanys are champions inside and outside the ring.
Mar 4, 2021

When should you spay a Brittany Spaniel? ›

An age of six to nine months of age may be appropriate for neutering or spaying a toy breed puppy or small breed puppy but a larger or giant breed may need to wait until they are near or over 12-18 months of age.

Are Brittany dogs high maintenance? ›

While not a good dog for couch potatoes, the Brittany can be the perfect, medium-size sporting dog for an active family with children and other pets. They need lots of care when it comes to staying busy and active, but these healthy dogs are relatively low-maintenance in almost every other aspect.

Are Brittany dogs clingy? ›

A common fault with this breed is their dependency on human interaction. Unlike most breeds, Brittany's need a lot of attention from their owners. If they are left alone for long periods of time or are not getting an adequate amount of attention, they are at high risk for developing separation anxiety.

Do Brittany Spaniels like the water? ›

These dogs love exercise and have endless stamina. Their coat makes them resistant to cold and water, so swimming is an excellent choice.

What is the temper of a Brittany dog? ›

The Brittany is a friendly, bright dog who is full of energy. His sweet disposition is good for children and he usually does not mind some roughhousing. Eager to please, Brittanys enjoy being taught basic obedience and they are quick learners.

Are Brittany Spaniels good indoor dogs? ›

Indoor. Brittanys adore being home with their families at the end of a busy day, but they must be kept active or they will resort to destructive behaviors. This breed will want to play indoors as well, so a home with space for boisterous hijinks is ideal.

Do Brittany dogs bark a lot? ›

Do Brittany dogs bark a lot? Brittany dogs are not excessive barkers; they only bark when they feel it's necessary, either when someone comes to the door, a squirrel's in the backyard or while playing.

Should you cut a Brittany Spaniels hair? ›

Brittanys should be clean and neatly trimmed to their best advantage, but should never appear sculpted, scissored, or manicured.

How often should a Brittany dog be groomed? ›

A Brittany Spaniel should be groomed every 4 – 6 weeks.

Do female dogs have to stay overnight after being spayed? ›

Post Spay and Neuter Surgery Care: Most pets will stay at the hospital the night after they are spayed or neutered for observation.

How do you keep a Brittany Spaniel entertained? ›

As the owner, you have to keep in mind that the Brittany is happiest when spending time outdoors. If you want to take your dog to an adventure, go for a lengthy hike. Whether it is in a state park or the woods, your Brittany will surely have a ball in exploring and discovering new sceneries and scents.

What should I look for in a Brittany puppy? ›

Look at the dog's pedigree and ask the breeder if there are dogs in the puppy's immediate background (not more than 3 or 4 generations back) from both field and show stock. Most Brittanys are from Dual backgrounds. Remember that the parents and grandparents are the most influential on the puppy's outcome.

What to expect from a Brittany puppy? ›

Characteristics of the Brittany Dog

A versatile sporting dog, the Brittany also makes an intelligent, affectionate, and playful pet for a family, while also eager and tireless out in the field. A Brittany craves companionship, so it's susceptible to separation anxiety when left alone for more than a few hours.

Are Brittany spaniels easy to train? ›

The Brittany requires weekly brushing of their coat to remove excess hair and dirt. The breed will shed somewhat year round, with heavier periods in the warmer months. The Brittany is an intelligent breed, easy to train and very sociable. They are generally good with other pets and pleasant with visitors in the home.

Are Brittany spaniels hard to train? ›

Brittanys are intelligent dogs who are eager to please. They are easy to train in the basic commands when there is an abundance of positive reinforcement, praise, and delicious, healthy dog treats.

Is it easy to train a Brittany spaniel? ›

Brittanys are extremely intelligent. They will not want to participate in 'games' (read training sessions) that are not fun and rewarding. Brittanys can also be stubborn which is why a good positive reinforcement training class is highly recommended, as is a positive Leadership Program.

Are Brittany Spaniels good pets? ›

Bred as gundogs, they're often used as hunting companions. But with their manageable size, low-maintenance grooming needs, and friendly personalities, the Brittany can be the perfect family pet—just so long as that family is sufficiently outdoorsy and has enough pep to keep up with their pup.


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