How To Full Screen A Game On PC? (Windows 11) (2024)

Are you looking to make a game you’re playing full-screen on PC? Jumping into the digital realm of Windows 11 gaming but stuck peering through the tiny window of windowed mode? Fear not! Turning your game full-screen is like unleashing the beast from its cage – everything just gets bigger and better. Full-screen mode is the secret sauce that takes your gaming from meh to mesmerizing, transforming your screen into a portal to other worlds. Whether you’re battling dragons or racing cars, who wants to see their desktop icons lurking in the background? Not you! Let’s get ready to dive into the how-to’s of full-screen gaming – it’s time to make your screen a canvas for epic adventures!

Transforming your gaming experience into full-screen mode on Windows 11 is like unlocking a new level in gaming – and it can be done in 10 simple steps! Let’s get that game filling up your entire screen:

  1. Launch Your Game: Fire up the game you want to play.
  2. Access In-Game Settings: Most games have a settings or options menu.
  3. Navigate to Display/Graphics Settings: This is where the magic happens.
  4. Look for Screen Mode Options: Search for ‘Full Screen’, ‘Windowed’, or ‘Borderless Window’ options.
  5. Select ‘Full Screen’: The golden ticket to your full-screen experience.
  6. Apply and Save Settings: Make it official and lock in those changes.
  7. Use Shortcut Keys: If the in-game method fails, try the ‘Alt + Enter’ keyboard shortcut while the game is active.
  8. Check Windows Display Settings: Right-click on your desktop, select ‘Display Settings’, and ensure your screen resolution is optimal for the game.
  9. Update Your Graphics Drivers: Head to your graphics card’s official website and download the latest drivers.
  10. Restart the Game: Sometimes, a quick reboot of the game is all it takes to apply the changes.

Table of Contents

Making Games Full Screen in Windows 11

Listen up, fellow adventurers! Tired of battling those pesky window borders that steal your immersion? Fear not, for I, am here to vanquish them with the might of full-screen mode! But before we unleash this glorious display, let’s scout the battlefield: Windows 11. This beast can be a fickle ally, sometimes throwing up its own windowed walls to block your path. But worry not, we’ll turn those walls into glorious portals to full-screen freedom!

Changing Display Settings

Think of your display settings as the war room, where you strategize your visual conquest. Open it up by right-clicking your desktop and selecting “Display Settings.” Here, the key weapon is “Display Resolution.” Crank that sucker up to your monitor’s native resolution, like a warrior wielding the mightiest sword! This ensures your games aren’t squished or stretched, giving you the sharpest visuals possible.

Disabling Full-Screen Optimization

Windows 11, bless its tech-loving heart, sometimes tries to “optimize” full-screen games. But this optimization can be like a well-meaning bard singing off-key, ruining the immersion. To disable it, find your game’s executable file (usually in Steam or another launcher’s folder). Right-click it, choose “Properties,” then click the “Compatibility” tab. Under “Settings,” uncheck the “Run in fullscreen mode” box. Now, the game runs in true full-screen, not Windows’s watered-down version.

Setting the Refresh Rate

Think of the refresh rate as your attack speed. The higher it is, the smoother your gameplay. To unleash this fury, open the “Advanced display settings” within your display settings. Click “Properties” for your display, then the “Monitor” tab. Here, choose the highest refresh rate your monitor can handle. 144Hz, 240Hz – the higher, the better! Now, every action you take will be a blur of pixelated perfection, leaving your enemies in the dust.

Third Party Software

Using third-party software to manage full-screen settings on a Windows PC can significantly enhance your user experience, especially in gaming and professional graphics work. These specialized tools offer a range of functionalities that go beyond the default options available in Windows settings. For instance, software like NVIDIA Control Panel or AMD Radeon Settings allows users to fine-tune their graphics card’s performance, optimizing game settings for smoother gameplay and enhanced visual quality. Similarly, tools like DisplayFusion are indispensable for those using multi-monitor setups, providing advanced features like customizable hotkeys and window management options. Additionally, utilities like Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) enable users to create custom display resolutions and refresh rates, catering to specific needs that standard settings might not accommodate. Overall, third-party software offers a tailored, more efficient, and often more user-friendly way to adjust and optimize full-screen settings for various purposes.

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With these tips at your disposal, you’ll be breaching the full-screen fortress in no time! Remember, fellow gamers, the key to victory is knowledge and persistence. So, grab your mouse and keyboard, adjust your settings, and prepare to conquer the world, one full-screen game at a time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I switch between full-screen and windowed mode while playing?

A: Yes, you can usually toggle between full-screen and windowed modes by pressing Alt + Enter on your keyboard. Some games also offer this option in their in-game settings menu.

Q: Will playing in full-screen mode affect my game’s performance?

A: Full-screen mode can actually improve game performance on many systems, as it allows the game to have better control over the display and can reduce distractions from other applications.

Q: How do I fix resolution issues when switching to full-screen mode?

A: If the game looks blurry or stretched in full-screen mode, check the game’s resolution settings and ensure they match your monitor’s native resolution. You can adjust this in the game’s display or graphics settings.

Q: What should I do if my game won’t switch to full-screen mode?

A: First, try the Alt + Enter shortcut. If that doesn’t work, update your graphics drivers and check if there’s a game patch available. Sometimes, compatibility issues can prevent full-screen mode from working correctly.

Q: Can I use multiple monitors in full-screen mode?

A: Yes, some games support multi-monitor setups in full-screen mode. You’ll need to enable this in the game’s settings and ensure your Windows display settings are configured for multiple monitors.

Q: How do I prevent full-screen games from minimizing when I click on a second monitor?

A: To prevent this, you can run the game in “Borderless Window” mode if available. This mode simulates full-screen but allows easier multitasking with multiple monitors.

Q: Is there a way to set default full-screen settings for all games?

A: There isn’t a universal setting in Windows 11 for this, but many game launchers like Steam allow you to set launch options, including defaulting to full-screen mode for games where this is supported.

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How To Full Screen A Game On PC? (Windows 11) (2024)
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