Live Oak Manor: Your Ideal Home in Waggaman, Louisiana (2023)

Discover the Charm of Live Oak Manor

Live Oak Manor, nestled in the heart of Waggaman, Louisiana, boasts a serene ambiance and an array of homes tailored for comfort and style. This charming neighborhood offers a splendid selection of traditional and ranch-style homes, meticulously crafted between 2009 and 2018. Ranging from 1,200 to over 1,700 square feet, these homes are thoughtfully designed to cater to diverse lifestyles.

Home Features

These residences, primarily comprising three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and two-car garages, grace medium-sized lots with fenced backyards. Immaculately maintained, these homes present freshly painted exteriors, predominantly fashioned with brick veneers, reflecting a blend of durability and classic elegance.

Living Experience

Live Oak Manor epitomizes a community-oriented atmosphere, providing easy access to various elementary schools, recreational facilities, public parks, and the esteemed Waggaman library. Step inside these homes to uncover spacious layouts seamlessly connecting kitchens, living, and dining areas. The interiors boast intricate details such as crown molding, three-inch baseboards, and inviting gas fireplaces, exuding warmth and sophistication.

Elegance in Details

Several homes within this idyllic neighborhood feature cathedral ceilings, enhanced by the radiance of canned lighting. Grand entries adorned with decorative lighting and entry closets welcome you, setting the tone for luxurious living. Modern bathrooms offer the epitome of comfort, complete with decorative amenities, rejuvenating soaking tubs, showers, and expansive walk-in master closets.

Outdoor Haven

Step into the fully fenced backyards, providing ample space for personalized touches like outbuildings, gardens, and play areas. Some homes even boast covered patios and additional concrete pads, perfect for creating delightful outdoor living spaces to savor Louisiana's pleasant weather.

Location and Lifestyle

Live Oak Manor's strategic location places residents in proximity to the picturesque Mississippi River while offering the tranquility of Waggaman, merely a twenty-three-minute drive from the vibrant city of New Orleans.

Community and Surroundings

Residents of Live Oak Manor enjoy convenient access to Waggaman's attractions, including the Kenner Planetarium and MegaDome Cinema, LaSalle's Landing, and the scenic Bayou Segnette State Park. Embrace the small-town charm, exceptional schools, minimal traffic congestion, and a welcoming environment that defines Waggaman as a sought-after New Orleans suburb.


In summary, Live Oak Manor stands as an embodiment of comfortable, stylish, and community-centric living. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer, downsizing, or seeking a charming neighborhood near New Orleans, Live Oak Manor offers the ideal canvas to paint your perfect lifestyle. Explore the possibilities and make Live Oak Manor your next place to call home.

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