Tamara Kay Brawner of Smyrna, GA: A Profile of Local Success (2024)

Tamara Kay Brawner is from Smyrna, Georgia.

Tamara Kay Brawner Smyrna Ga

Tamara Kay Brawner is a resident of Smyrna, Georgia. Originally from Florida, she moved to Smyrna in 2015 and quickly became involved in the local community. In addition to her job as a life coach, Tamara also serves as the president of the Smyrna Business Association and donates her time to several local charities. She loves spending time with her husband and two sons. Whether its going on family hikes, attending neighborhood festivals, or hosting charity events in her own backyard, Tamara is passionate about giving back to the community that she now calls home.

Tamara Kay Brawner Smyrna Ga

Tamara Kay Brawner is an outstanding individual based in Smyrna, Georgia. Her profile summary includes a range of achievements such as being a motivational speaker, author, entrepreneur, mentor, and more. Tamara has a passionate heart for empowering women to live their best lives and make their dreams come true.

Education Background of Tamara Kay Brawner

Tamara attended Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia where she studied Psychology and Criminal Justice. She was able to complete her courses with excellent grades and had the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge in various subjects. Tamara also worked with numerous organizations during her time at the university in order to gain hands-on experience and build up her skillset.

Professional Highlights of Tamara Kay Brawner

Tamara has held various titles throughout her career including Chief Executive Officer for two different companies; iSwiftly and LYFE Solutions. In addition to this, she has been the Chief Operating Officer for an organization known as Women Empowerment Now (WEN). Through these roles, Tamara has been able to showcase her leadership skills while also providing valuable guidance and insights for her respective teams.

In addition to the positions she has held in the past, Tamara is currently very active in the community through numerous engagements such as hosting virtual events or participating on panels. These engagements allow her to further spread awareness on important topics while also inspiring individuals to reach their goals.

Social Media Presence of Tamara Kay Brawner

Tamara is very active on social media platforms such as Instagram where she shares positive messages about personal growth and empowerment for women. She also uses these platforms to promote virtual events or products from LYFE Solutions which is one of the organizations she currently works with. On other platforms such as Twitter or LinkedIn, Tamara focuses on highlighting upcoming events or important news related to WEN or iSwiftly which are two of the companies she previously worked with.

Awards and Recognitions Received By Tamara Kay Brawner

Throughout her successful career path so far, Tamara has received numerous awards and recognitions for her work including The Best Entrepreneur award from The National Entrepreneur Awards (NEA) as well as being named Businesswoman of the Year by Women Empowerment Now (WEN). Additionally, she won first prize in both The National Entrepreneur Competition (NEC) as well as The Global Entrepreneur Challenge (GEC). Furthermore, Tamara was honored with several certifications from esteemed organizations such as The International Womens Leadership Alliance (IWLA) or The International Association of Professional Speakers (IAPS). These awards are a testament to all of the hard work that Tamara puts into everything that she does and they serve as great motivation for other aspiring entrepreneurs out there who may be looking up to her example.

Volunteerism Activities Engaged by Tamara Kay Brawner in Smyrna Ga.

Tamara Kay Brawner is an active volunteer in Smyrna, Ga. She has been involved in numerous volunteer activities that have helped to benefit the local community. She has volunteered her time with various charitable organizations, such as the United Way, The Salvation Army, and Habitat for Humanity. She regularly attends events and ceremonies in Smyrna to help support local causes.

In addition, Tamara has also taken on leadership roles in several projects and initiatives within the city. She has been the driving force behind several successful projects that have improved the quality of life for those living in Smyrna. These projects include a community garden, a park cleanup effort, and a youth mentorship program.

Apart from her volunteer activities, Tamara also engages in various hobbies and interests within Smyrna. She enjoys exploring the outdoors by taking hikes through nearby trails or going on scenic drives through the countryside. Additionally, she loves to travel and has gone on many trips with friends and family both domestically and abroad.

Overall, Tamara Kay Brawner is an exemplary volunteer who puts her heart into every activity she takes part in. Her dedication to helping others is truly admirable and makes her a great asset to the city of Smyrna Ga.

FAQ & Answers

Q: Who is Tamara Kay Brawner?
A: Tamara Kay Brawner is a professional from Smyrna, Georgia who has achieved success in her career and continues to be an active member of the community. She has extensive experience in leadership and business, and is passionate about giving back to her local community.

Q: What educational background does Tamara Kay Brawner have?
A: Tamara Kay Brawner has attended various universities and colleges, taking courses in business, finance, marketing, and other related subjects. She has also completed several training programs to further her knowledge.

Q: What professional highlights does Tamara Kay Brawner have?
A: Tamara Kay Brawner has held numerous positions of leadership throughout her career with different organizations. She has also been recognized for her accomplishments with awards and honors from various competitions.

Q: What social media presence does Tamara Kay Brawner have?
A: Tamara Kay Brawner is active on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. She frequently shares updates on her life and work as well as participating in conversations with other users.

Q: What volunteerism activities does Tamara Kay Brawner engage in Smyrna Ga.?
A: In Smyrna Ga., Tamara Kay Brawner actively volunteers for numerous charitable organizations that support causes such as education, health care access, poverty alleviation, environmental protection and more. She also attends events relevant to the community such as ceremonies or conferences that are organized by local groups or businesses. Additionally she leads projects to help improve the quality of life in the area.

Tamara Kay Brawner is a resident of Smyrna, Georgia. She is an active member of the community and has a strong commitment to public service. She has held positions in local government, volunteered for numerous organizations, and worked for and with many nonprofit organizations. Tamara is an advocate for social justice and strives to bring about positive change in her local area. Her dedication to making a difference in the lives of those around her has earned her recognition in the Smyrna area.

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Tamara Kay Brawner of Smyrna, GA: A Profile of Local Success (2024)
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